Enjoy 5 days of training in the beautifull hills and lakes area of North Germany.

We are known for our 'in a realistic and modern way" taught Self Defense seminars, aswell for our other seminars teaching:


Self Defense seminars for "private" groups, like pensioners, schools etc. These seminars will be arranged as from 10 persons.

Private Self defense seminars for Individuals, with a minimum of 2, maximum 5 persons.

Self Defense seminars for Professionals, f.e. Policemen, Taxi drivers, Bouncers, Special Forces, Army, Security Services etc. These seminars are tailor-made.arranged

One week in-house Seminars, for 2 to max 5 person. 5 Days of private Kenpo or Self Defense trainings, 6 hours daily, self defense, hiking, training, sleeping, living and eating at Gilbert's and Manuela's house in the hills of North Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. Ask for our prices.

Train the Trainer - we improve Black Belts from other Martial Arts Styles

Mind-Power training and Mental Coaching

Chi Qong and Tai Chi

Fear Management

Practical and Logical Self Defense

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Professor G. Claes started martial arts in February 1969. At the beginning with Judo and Kyokushinkai Karate and then after another 3 years with Goju-Ryu Karate.

In the meantime he learned Chinese Martial Arts.

After 4 years, Mr. Claes won his 1st Toan (Dan / Grade) and at the age of 17 his second Toan (Dan / Grade).

He got the title "Sifu" in the Chinese martial arts and master titles in Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

In 1992 he came into contact with American Kenpo (Ed Parker's Kenpo) and trained with them from then on

Grand Masters like Skip Hancock, John Sepulveda, Ed Downey and Jeff Speakmann.

Sigung Claes has the following grades (Dan or Toan) in the various combat systems:

9th degree (Dan) Black Belt in Self Defense / Pak Loong Kenpo (Chi Cheung Chuan Fa)

7th degree (Dan) Black Belt in Martial Arts Police Methods

5th degree (Toan) Black Belt in Siu Lum Kuen Fa and Chinese weapon arts

5th degree (Toan) Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo-Chuan Fa

4th degree (Toan) Black Belt in Kieung King Kung Fu (Sanshou-Chinese Kickboxing)

4th degree (Toan) black belt in Chin Na and Hsiao Jiao

2nd degree (Dan) Black Belt in Ed Parker's Kenpo EKKA

Master's degrees in Tai Chi Lai Yao, Nei Dan and Wai Dan Chi Qong and Tui Na

 Trainer License- A: (BLOSO) Agency for the Promotion of Physical Development, Sports and Outdoor and (BOIC) Belgian International Olympic Committee

 Official consultant IRCA for Germany

 Today is (Sigung) G. Claes Senior Professor in Martial Arts, certified by USDA, MAPM and the IRCA-Sinkenpokai.

 He is certified by the Worldwide Society of Martial Arts, with the title of Grandmaster. (http://www.kathmandu.org/whoswho.pdf - http://womagroup.weebly.com/the-world-head-of-society.html)

He is a Grand Master in Tai Chi, Chi Qong and Tui Na, certified by SiJo Chen Lai Yao.

In 2017 he won the gold medal in the fight in the class black belt + 50 years at the IKC in Portugal

 In 2017 he received his doctorate of philosophy in martial arts.

Assistant Instructor is Ms. Manuela Wegner, 1st Degree (Dan) Black Belt in Pak Loong Kenpo