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Seminars - English


The reality based Self Defense system

Das auf der Realität basierende Selbstverteidigungssystem



When your safety matters

Private trainings Tai Chi in Alt-Mölln with long time student and close friend Ray Molloy





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Enjoy 5 days of training in the beautifull hills and lakes area of North Germany.

We are known for our 'in a realistic and modern way" taught Self Defense seminars, aswell for our other seminars teaching:


bullet Self Defense seminars for "private" groups, like pensioners, schools etc. These seminars will be arranged as from 10 persons.
bullet Private Self defense seminars for Individuals, with a minimum of 2, maximum 5 persons.
bullet Self Defense seminars for Professionals, f.e. Policemen, Taxi drivers, Bouncers, Special Forces, Army, Security Services etc. These seminars are tailor-made.arranged
bullet One week in-house Seminars, for 2 to max 5 person. 5 Days of private Kenpo or Self Defense trainings, 6 hours daily, self defense, hiking, training, sleeping, living and eating at Gilbert's and Manuela's house in the hills of North Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. Ask for our prices.
bullet Train the Trainer - we improve Black Belts from other Martial Arts Styles
bullet Mind-Power training and Mental Coaching
bulletChi Qong and Tai Chi
bulletFear Management
bulletPractical and Logical Self Defense
bulletWater and Reed Programm ©



Start | Self Defense Studio | P.L. Selbstverteidigung | Lehrer | Black Belts | Seminare | Aktuelles | Gallery | Seminars - English | Kontakt | Links | Impressum | IKA - International Kenpo Academy

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